DJ ID: Meet sudden star

“I want to update old values and ideas.”

In Chorareii’s ‘DJ ID’ series, established and emerging DJs from the Japanese clubbing & raving universe share some information about themselves, allowing us to know the vision behind the bangers.

chorareii dj id sudden star card
sudden star (@5udden5) DJ ID card designed by himself

Chorareii: First, introduce yourself!

I’m Kai, a.k.a. sudden star (@5udden5). I’m 21 years old, I grew up in Tokyo, and I’m still based in Tokyo.

What kind of music do you play when you DJ?

The music I play totally depends on the event, but I tend to DJ in clubs, so trap, ghetto house, jungle, reggaeton, etc.

Which venues do you often DJ at? 

I’m often booked at Forestlimit and Spread. Forestlimit is the place I go to most often.

How did you start DJing?

I always liked music but didn’t know much about club music. When I was in high school, I got into grime and garage, and as an extension of that, I started watching Boiler Room and became interested in club culture.

I made mixes for fun, but it wasn’t until I met Loci that I had the opportunity to DJ in front of people.

chorareii dj id sudden star b2b loci
sudden star DJing b2b with Loci

Why did you choose your DJ name and what do you want to express with it?

I got it from an artist I like who wears clothes with these words on them. I also wanted to use the word “star” because I like the DJ brat star.

In addition to DJing, you are a visual artist, design flyers, and create your own clothes. Are there things in common between your DJ sets, art, and clothes?

Maybe not much. They all have different approaches and different purposes. However, from an aesthetic point of view, I think they are all very similar.

chorareii dj id sudden star ether flyer made with rench kee
Flyer for an ether event designed by sudden star and @rench_kee

You often design flyers for parties, you are my favorite flyer designer in Tokyo! Is there something special about designing this kind of piece?

Thank you! Designing flyers is less free than art because you have to think about the advertising aspect, but I think that’s what makes it interesting. 

I like to think about typography. Lately, I have been interested in designs by Nicola Tirabasso.

You were the designer of the original DJ ID card & character, tell me about this design.

I like drawing characters, so I drew a rabbit touching a DJ deck. I like drawing rabbits, dogs, and other animals with ears. 

Noa wanted the design to look like an ID card, so I made a Chorareii watermark-like design in the lower right corner.

chorareii dj id sudden star clothes gr8 popup
sudden star customized clothes pop-up at GR8 store in Tokyo

Tell me about the clothes you customize, how you get started, and what is your process in doing so. 

I have always loved clothes and have been going to thrift stores and such for a long time. I think it might have been when I started to gradually add one-piece pieces and damage to my own clothes. I was very influenced by Fantastic Toiles. 

I’m particular about recycling clothes instead of making new ones.

You usually do B2B with Loci, with whom you also created the collective ether (@ether.tokio) and the show for HKCR Ether Radio (fka Adults Play Radio). How is your collaboration, how do you complement each other? Tell me also about how your projects are going. 

I started DJing with Loci and she has become an integral part of what I do. We have a good balance of personalities, and I enjoy being with her all the time. 

We are both close regarding what we want to do and our sense of style, so I think we naturally take many different forms. 

We recently invited Evora Unlimited and Taraneh, who I have always liked. It was probably the most emotional event I have ever experienced.

chorareii dj id sudden stard flyer club skin
Flyer for Club Skin party designed by sudden star

How would you describe your personality and how is it reflected in your sessions?

I’m shy and not good at parties, but when I DJ I’m happy because I can express myself through music. There are many times when I feel I can connect with people through music. I want people to dance a lot. But when I am DJing, I am in such a hurry that I can’t think about anything! 

What do you think makes you different as a DJ?

Maybe it’s that I don’t belong to any one place. I think that’s why I’m able to work in a wide range of fields.

Which musicians, DJs, artists, or places inspire you as a DJ?

The mix “i-DJ: brat star” is the one that inspired me the most as a DJ. 

I get really excited when I find new music. My artist friends also inspire me, like comez and goes (@comez.and.goes).

chorareii dj id sudden star loci
sudden star and Loci

What do you like besides music? What do you do when you are not at the club? 

Cooking, watching movies, walking, and going to nature.

Is there a particular song you would like to play at every session?

I often play opal songs without thinking about it beforehand.

At which parties, places, festivals, raves, venues… Do you want to play as a DJ?

I want to play at summer festivals! I also want to play for NTS radio.

chorareii dj id sudden star oli xl poster meltingbot
sudden star designed the poster for Oli XL Japan tour

What is the role of DJs in our generation?

I want to update old values and ideas.

Listen to sudden star mixes on SoundCloud and follow him on Instagram (@5udden5)

Listen to the Ether Radio show on HKCR and follow ether on Instagram (@ether.tokio)

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