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Chorareii is an independent project; it would never exist if not for the help of wonderful people who contributed to bringing it to life with their time and talent. Ӌօմ ⒜⒭⒠ ŧħɇ ƁЄƧƬ!

If you believe in Chorareii, or that alternative content can still be made in a world where algorithms always win; if you think that it is worth promoting emerging talent from the start, and believe in helping to see it shine … please help!

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The proceeds collected will be used to commission photos, designs, illustrations, videos or sound. They will also be used to support the cultural events featured in the magazine. This makes it possible for us to contribute to building a creative scene; where people mingle, get inspired, and share their talents.

Ultimately, your donations will help Chorareii fulfill its purpose of boosting emerging talent, not only promoting it but also paying for it.

If you can think of other ways to help out Chorareii; be it with your time, your creative material, or whatever you do best, that’s perfect!  Write an email to hello@chorareii.com


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