✧ About Chorareii

Chorareii [チョラレイー / ʧɔræˈrɛi] is an online magazine emerging from Japan to push creative boundaries.

Through interviews, Chorareii gathers the voices of the creators that make up the Japanese alternative scene.

Chorareii talks about music (a lot), art, fashion, and life in Japan. It can be read in English, Japanese and Spanish.

Chorareii was born in March 2021 in Tokyo during cherry blossom, 10 days after the spring equinox.

Contact: hello@chorareii.com

Founder and Editor: Noa. I worked 8 years at VICE from Barcelona. I moved to Tokyo and fell in love with the scene. Chorareii is my way of expressing that love.

Chorareii Concept Video

Direction: Noa

Editing: Alba Cid Blanco

Logo: Hana Watanabe

Audio Logo: Artur Martínez Puga

Chorareii Concept Video
Direction: Noa
Editing: Alba Cid Blanco
Logo: Hana Watanabe
Audio logo: Artur Martínez Puga


Japan is shock and Tokyo is a vortex.

When you first arrive in Japan your senses collapse because of the constant sensory overload. If you let it, it will penetrate your body; giving you a pleasure that becomes addictive.

Here, you can find fast-paced innovation right alongside century-old tradition. The more you find, the more you want to search. Diving into the depths of Japan is an initiatory journey.

This country has always been something else. The creativity generated by Japan has opened up perceptions, set directions, and defined the concept of the future.

It’s the country of the rising sun, but this Sun is the same that makes us all marvel and feel alive.

Chorareii exists to put names, faces, images, and words to everything inspiring that emerges around Japan as space and Japan as a concept.

Chorareii is a space for creators with alternative visions who from Japan, or inspired by Japan, make culture move forward; taking it to new limits, opening paths, and leading towards the never seen before. Towards the diverse, towards the open, the inclusive, the free, to what has to be, to the future.

Hopefully, some of what you see in Chorareii will stay with you and come out as something else.