Privacy Policy


Responsible entity: CHORAREII MAGAZINE 

Purpose: Periodic sending of the newsletter after the voluntary subscription of the user, after accepting this privacy policy. Communication and resolution of queries that the user voluntarily makes through the email address Analysis of the results of the page and, if it exists, personalization of the advertising of the page, through data that the user provides through cookies, widgets or third-party platforms, after accepting this privacy policy. Receipt of donations made by the user through the third-party platforms selected for this purpose.

Legitimation for data processing: Consent and express acceptance of the user.

Conservation and protection of data: The subscription data of the newsletter will be kept during the period that the user maintains their subscription. The data provided for inquiries through will be used during the period necessary to resolve said inquiry, and will not be filed independently, being eliminated in its entirety if the user so requests. The data provided by the user through cookies and other web systems will not be stored independently of the platforms through which they are provided, and will be used only for the analysis of the results of the page and, in the case if there is, personalization of the page’s advertising.

Recipients of the data and transfers: CHORAREII MAGAZINE will be the sole recipient of the data. Chorareii will not transfer user data to third parties, except in the case of a legal obligation. In the case of modifications in the detailed conditions, the user will be requested the pertinent authorizations that they can accept or reject.

User rights: The user may access, rectify and request the deletion of their data. The user may object to the processing of data.


In this legal notice and privacy policy you can find out:

  1. Which entity is responsible for processing the data.
  2. What data do we process?
  3. For what purpose do we process the data.
  4. With what legitimacy do we treat the data.
  5. What rights do users have with respect to their data.
  6. Who are the recipients of the data. 
  7. How we protect data and how long we keep it.
  8. How the cookies we use with respect to data operate (Cookie Policy).
  9. How possible modifications are applied to this Privacy Policy.
  10. What legislation applies to data processing.
  1. Which entity is responsible for processing the data.

Responsible for data processing: CHORAREII MAGAZINE


Phones: +81 070 2837 5853 // +34 630 713 604

2. What data do we process?

Data received directly from the user through the newsletter subscription form: email address, language preferences (English or Spanish).

Data received through inquiries to the email email address or other contact information that the user may voluntarily provide.

Data received through cookies: CHORAREII MAGAZINE uses third-party cookies exclusively for analytical purposes or, if they exist, to show personalized advertising to the user. Users may accept or reject the use of cookies through a specific form that will be displayed on the web. More information about cookies in point 8. Cookies policy.

Data received through widgets: the CHORAREII MAGAZINE website contains widgets, buttons and links to third-party platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE or Instagram.

Data received through third parties: by using the CHORAREII MAGAZINE website, the user provides information that we receive from third parties such as, without being exclusive, type of browser, operating system, geographic location, date and time of visit. By making a donation to CHORAREII MAGAZINE, the user accepts the terms and conditions of the third-party platforms used for this purpose independently of those of CHORAREII MAGAZINE.

3. For what purpose do we process the data.

Newsletter delivery: with the user’s consent and express acceptance of this privacy policy, CHORAREII MAGAZINE may use the user’s data to send the newsletter. The user can cancel said subscription through the link present in the newsletter email or by express request through the email

Resolution of queries: whenever the user contacts CHORAREII MAGAZINE through the email, their data will be used as a means of response for the resolution of the relevant query.

Analysis, customization and improvement of the browsing experience: with the consent of the user and express acceptance of the cookie policy, CHORAREII MAGAZINE obtains information on the use and behavior of the user through said cookies. This information is used for the analysis of website results; to, if any, personalize the advertising that the user receives; and to, at a general level, improve your browsing experience with the page by adapting it to your browsing habits. Examples of this use and personalization are, without exclusivity: measurement of access to the website, management of advertising spaces if there are such, personalization of the displayed ads or analysis of user interaction with said ads, if any.

To give your consent, you must go to the Configuration Panel and individually deactivate or activate each of your own cookies (analytical, advertising and behavioral) or third parties (partners). (LINK TO THE CONFIGURATION PANEL)

Possibility of user interaction with the page: through the widgets or navigation tools available on the CHORAREII MAGAZINE website, the user can have a direct connection with their social networks to share content, as well as to access the social profiles of CHORAREII MAGAZINE easily.

Reception of voluntary donations: through third-party platforms such as PayPal or Patreon, the user provides data to make donations to CHORAREII MAGAZINE. Said data is required by these platforms to achieve this purpose, without CHORAREII intervening or storing said data independently.

4. With what legitimacy do we treat the data.

The ways by which CHORAREII MAGAZINE obtains a legal basis for data processing are the following forms:

Newsletter subscription form.

Cookie acceptance form.

By completing these forms, the user voluntarily accepts and expresses this privacy policy and thereby gives their conscious consent for the processing of their personal data.

CHORAREII MAGAZINE will not intervene directly in the data processing that third-party platforms may carry out, even if it facilitates their access or interaction through its website. The treatment of data by these platforms will be collected in their own terms and privacy policies, such as social media platforms, donation platforms or measurement platforms, without exclusivity. The user reserves the right to accept or reject said terms on the relevant platforms.

5. What rights do users have with respect to their data.

The user reserves the following rights that may be exercised against CHORAREII MAGAZINE:

Right to be informed: the user has the right to receive clear, transparent and easily understandable information about the way in which we use their data, as well as their rights regarding the treatment of these and information on the legislation based on which their data are treated. data. This is the objective of this privacy policy.

Right of access: the user has the right to obtain access to the data that we are treating about his person. You also have the right to access more information about the processing of your data, detailed in this privacy policy or any other extra that you may require through direct contact with CHORAREII MAGAZINE.

Right to rectification: the user has the right to have their information modified if it is incorrect, incomplete or ceases to be valid.

Right of deletion: or “right to be forgotten”, through which the user can request the deletion of their data when they are no longer necessary to carry out the functions for which they were collected. Exceptions applicable in each case apply to this right, it does not constitute a general right of deletion.

Right to limit the treatment: the user has the right to prevent the use of their data for certain purposes. By limiting data processing, the only data kept will be those that allow this limitation to continue in force, such as, without being exclusive, lists of users who have requested that their data not be used, so that we guarantee that this request is keep up. The exception to this will be compelling legitimate reasons, or the exercise or defense of possible claims.

Right to data portability: the user has the right to obtain and reuse their data for their own purposes. This allows you to easily move, copy or transfer your information between our IT systems and third parties in a secure manner, without affecting its usability.

Right to object: the user has the right to object to certain types of treatment, such as, for example, without being exclusive, the use of their contact data to receive shipments. commercial activities, regardless of whether express consent is always requested from the user. The exception to this will be compelling legitimate reasons, or the exercise or defense of possible claims.

To exercise the aforementioned rights provided for in the legislation, the user can contact CHORAREII MAGAZINE through the email

The exercise of the aforementioned rights is very personal, so it will be necessary for the user to prove her identity. For this, it will be necessary for the user to provide the following:

1) Name and surname of the interested party, attaching a photocopy of a valid official identification document (DNI, etc.). Also from the person who represents you, if applicable. In case of using an electronic signature, these documents will not be necessary.

2) Indication of the domicile of the interested party and the request in which the request is specified (the right to be exercised).

The user will also have the right to file a claim with the corresponding Control Authority / Data Protection Agency, when deemed appropriate.

6. Who are the recipients of the data.

CHORAREII MAGAZINE will use the personal data collected according to point 2 of this Privacy Policy, and to achieve the purposes defined in point 3 of the same. To adapt to the legitimacy and carry out these purposes, CHORAREII MAGAZINE could share certain personal data of the users based on the following assumptions:

1) Upon legal requirement, CHORAREII MAGAZINE may share information with executive authority bodies and / or third parties regarding requests for information related to criminal investigations and alleged illegal activities.

2) With the consent of the user, apart from what is established above, the user will be informed in the event that any information about the same is made known to the commercial partners of the web, or to third parties, other than the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, so that the user can accept or reject the sharing of their data.

In no case will said data communications include selling, renting, sharing or otherwise revealing personal information of clients for commercial purposes in a manner contrary to the commitments acquired in this Privacy Policy.

Third-party platforms contracted by CHORAREII MAGAZINE could have access to the personal data of the users collected, in order to provide the service requested by both parties, and always in a controlled manner by CHORAREII MAGAZINE. An example of this, without being exclusive, would be the use of the MailChimp platform to send you newsletters.

7. How long we keep the data and how we protect it.

CHORAREII MAGAZINE will keep the user’s personal data for as long as there is an express agreement and not revoked by both parties, and / or for the time that is reasonably necessary to: comply with any of the objectives mentioned in this Privacy Policy; Comply with current legislation, regulatory requirements and pertinent orders from competent courts, or, in any case, as long as the interested party does not request its deletion or opposition.

To prevent data from being processed in an unauthorized manner, CHORAREII MAGAZINE complies with current regulations on Data Protection to guarantee the security of your data at a technical and organizational level.

8. How the cookies we use with respect to data operate (Cookie Policy).

In addition to the information previously expressed regarding the use of cookies by CHORAREII MAGAZINE, we have a Cookies Policy that the user may voluntarily accept or reject, and which can be consulted at the following link:

9. How possible modifications are applied to this Privacy Policy.

Based on the applicable legislation and its possible evolution, CHORAREII reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy. In order for the user to be informed of how their data is processed and what rights they have with respect to them, it is recommended that the user periodically review this Privacy Policy.

10. What legislation applies to data processing.

This Privacy Policy, or the resolution of claims regarding the CHORAREII MAGAZINE website, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with current legislation. The use of the services of this website implies the express acceptance of the jurisdiction.

Date of last update: March 2021.