“I want everyone to take a trip with me! Let’s enter another world together!”

In Chorareii’s ‘DJ ID’ series, established and emerging DJs from the Japanese clubbing & raving universe share some information about themselves, allowing us to know the vision behind the bangers.

chorareii dj id tei tei card
TEI TEI  (@teitei_denki.bodhisatva) DJ ID Card. Design: sudden star (@5udden5)

Chorareii: First, introduce yourself!

TEI TEI: Nice to meet you, I am TEI TEI (@teitei_denki.bodhisatva) from Beijing, China. I live in Hatsudai, Tokyo.

What kind of music do you play when you DJ?

I like deep sound when I DJ. I play hypnotic techno and dark psy mien! I like interesting sounds and mix various genres.

How did you start DJing?

Hao from Techno Gals asked me to join their party and we started Djing together. I did the opening set with her at the Techno Gals event!

Why did you choose your DJ name, what do you want to express with it?

My name is Saiteitei, so everyone always calls me “Teitei”. That’s why I decided on the name TEI TEI.

How do you feel when you are DJing? And what do you want your audience to feel?

I really want to share my worldview with the dancefloor.  My sets are fast and suddenly deep, so sometimes I can’t take everyone with me [laughs].

I want everyone to take a trip with me! Let’s enter another world together!

Denki Bodhisattva is TEI TEI’s “indoor rave” in Tokyo.

You host a party called Denki Bodhisattva. Because of the use of a Buddhist word, it sounds quite deep. Can you tell me about the concept of the event and the meaning of the name?

Denki Bodhisattva (“Electric Bodhisattva”) is a party that I started in October 2021. I got the name at an old bookstore in Shimokitazawa that had a book with that name. I thought that was it! “Denki” means a genre of music and “Bodhisattva” is a way of life that makes you and others happy simultaneously. This is the reason I organize parties. I want everyone to have fun! 

You often DJ at outdoor festivals and raves in the woods, but you organize your parties in Tokyo. Is it possible to feel the psychedelic vibes in an urban club?

I love outdoor parties! There are various stages and food. It’s so much fun! 

Since I started my party last October, it has always been in clubs in Tokyo. However, I’m aiming for an “indoor rave.”

I also want to organize outdoor parties, but next year because I don’t have enough experience.

chorareii dj id tei tei festival Onpapsy
TEI TEI at Onpapsy festival. Photo:

At your parties, there is always Chinese food, especially gyoza. I found it very nice that you wanted to share this part of your culture too.

Yes, that’s right! I even hosted a dumpling party before! 

I could eat Chinese food every day and not get tired of it, I want everyone to try delicious authentic Chinese food.

At the Denki Bodhisattva, there is often body painting, life painting, life tattoos, colorful lightning… For some reason, I feel that your parties are more colorful and free than other parties in Japan. Do you feel the same way?

This is what I truly think. I’m surrounded by so many interesting artists and everyone wants to have interesting new parties with me! Actually, my personality is also very nice so I want to include everything!

I get bored easily if [a party] is just music. If there’s live panting with performances, I’ll be excited. I hadn’t seen many parties with live tattoos, so I wanted to freak people out! I’m aiming for a very chaotic party!

chorareii dj id tei tei denki bodhisattva performance
TEI TEI’s party Denki Bodhisattva often includes performances, live art, and tattoo.

How would you describe your personality and how is it reflected in your sessions?

I think I have a weird old man or something inside me, a very random old man. I think my sets reflect that.

I have a very bitter sound and a personality that gets bored easily, so I mix things up a lot when I play, and sometimes the set looks messed up.

Which musicians, DJs, artists, or places inspire you as a DJ?

My favorite artists lately are Mikrotakt, Feral, and Danza, and recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of producers with cool and deep sounds.

As for a place, I’d have to say outdoor parties! I think the level of outdoor parties in Japan is really high. I really admire the decorations and VJs.

chorareii dj id tei tei Peace R-lounge
TEI TEI at Peace party, at R-lounge, Shibuya.

What do you like besides music? What do you do when you are not at the club? 

Apart from music, I love fashion and art. I always wanted to be a menswear designer. 

I actually don’t go to clubs much except for DJing. I usually stay at home or I go visit interesting places.

Is there a particular song you would like to play at every session?

I always play Chinese Buddhist music when I play psychedelic music. My mom tells me to listen to that music when I’m having difficulty relaxing. I play those songs every time I’m playing psychedelic music!

Psychedelic music has fast bpm, so I think it goes really well with that Buddhist songs! It’s the opposite.

chorareii dj id tei tei denki boddhisattva party snap pool
Party snap at Denki Bodhisattva by @kakigao

At what parties, venues, festivals, raves, or clubs would you like to play as a DJ?

Right now, I’m most interested in DJing at festivals overseas. I’ve never been to one before, but I always watch them on YouTube and think I think they would be a great match for my playing.

I want to make my own music, I want to make Buddhist Techno.

What is the role of DJs in our generation?

Bringing new DJs every day! I’m looking forward to seeing you all play something interesting!

Denki Bodhisattva’s visual.

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