DJ ID: Meet DIV☆

“I’m not here to make a difference. I’m here to make noise.”

In Chorareii’s ‘DJ ID’ series, established and emerging DJs from the Japanese clubbing & raving universe share some information about themselves, allowing us to know the vision behind the bangers.

chorareii dj id diva card interview
DIV☆ (@sexrifice) DJ ID Card. Design: sudden star (@5udden5)

Chorareii: First, introduce yourself!

DIV☆: Hii! I’m DIV☆ (@sexrifice), pronounced Diva or でぃば.  I’m a Jakarta bitch based in Tokyo +:。☆.*・+。

What kind of music do you play when you DJ?

It’s hard to explain. I started with hyper-pop/trance in mind but then I found out that there are many things to explore. I did donk, funkot, UK hardcore… 

Lately, I found myself heavily influenced by old-school techno/breakbeats style while trying to keep things fresh. A bit of jungle, ghetto tech, 303s, electro, downtempo, big beat, maybe mixes in some rock tracks. Chaos and order!

Which venues do you often DJ at?

I played in many venues but I started at Forestlimit and have been playing there a few times since, also at Contact before it closed and SPREAD. I want to conquer every venue in Tokyo.

How did you start DJing?

At 2020’s Ultra Heaven party, I think I reached peak happiness for the first time. It’s amazing how music can make you feel that good. I want people to feel what I felt that night, so I got my first controller right after.

I was preparing for my first gig at a friend’s party. I remember broadcasting one of my practice sessions on Instagram Live — you can still watch it on my page— and starting Twitter for publication strategy and Katoさん found me. I made my debut on K/A/T/O MASSACRE instead. What a diva move, starting big! [laughs]

chorareii dj id diva slick toshimura
DIV☆ DJing at SLICK rave. Photo: @toshimu_rar 

Why did you choose your DJ name and what do you want to express with it?

I like how diva my name is so I wanted to keep it, but not as it is since it would be hard to Google, so I put a star on it. I want to be a star like Paris Hilton.

What do you feel when you’re DJing? What do you want the audience to feel?

I used to do it while crying because I have always hated being in front since I can remember. It was hard to push the buttons since my hands were shaking harder than the floor, but after a while, I got used to it.

Now I can enjoy the adrenaline rush, and it’s so fun. I always DJ sober but I get high as hell if the energy on the floor is high. This is exactly what I came for.

chorareii dj id diva portrait red wig

How would you describe your personality and how is it reflected in your sessions?

Sexy and free.

What do you think makes you different as a DJ or how do you try to make a difference?

I’m not here to make a difference. I’m here to make noise.

You have a very unique style. What is your take on fashion? Is it connected to the music you like or any other hobbies?

I like to think that I’m a main character of a dystopian movie and this is how I dress! I’m mostly inspired by rock band costumes like Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, X Japan, Starcrawler, and the list goes on.

chorareii dj id diva denki bodhisattva residency
DIV☆ is a resident DJ on the 電気菩薩  Denki Bodhisattva party organized by TEI TEI

What musicians, DJs, artists, or places … inspire you as a DJ?

Tokyo! I’m raised here artistically.

What other things do you like apart from music, what do you do when you’re not in the club?

I work as a graphic designer on weekdays!

On weekends I enjoy mini-adventures to the countryside and taking pictures! Also, having dates with my friends! 

chorareii dj id diva outdoors portrait

Is there any particular song or songs you would like to play in all of your sessions if you could?

AAA I hate to choose (>人<) but *whispers* Personal Jesus (Pump Mix) and Star Guitar. 

One party where you DJ that you’ll never forget.

The Christmas XPEED 2021 was a major turnback! TOPIA was very fun too.

At what party, place, festival, rave, or venue would you love to play as a DJ?

Huge ass venues with sound systems bigger than a tower and like an ocean of audience! 

chorareii dj id diva topia hijohne
DIV☆ DJing at TOPIA. Photo: @hijohne

Also any kind of open-air venues. I feel like sound travels better outside

I want to try chill venues as well where I can play tracks besides dance tracks and chill, you know. I want to shake my country Indonesia too.

What is the role of the DJ in our generation?

The role of the DJ in our generation is to make sure that everyone is having fun! Including playing bomb tracks, interacting with people, and creating a safe, inclusive environment so everyone can enjoy.

Shot and edit: @psy9k

Listen to DIV☆‘s mixes on SoundCloud

Follow DIV☆ on Instagram (@sexrifice) and Twitter (@sektesesat)


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